Album Review: “Last of the Romantics” by Magic Eight Ball

I think everyone, not just music lovers, has their go-to albums to blast while doing everyday tasks… for me it’s cooking, cleaning, and getting ready to go out on the town. They are albums that have a lively beat, and clear and memorable lyrics that are easy to sing along to. I’ll play them over and over and never get tired of them. I just found my new go-to album.

Baz Francis is an amazing writer, he creates fetching guitar riffs that accompany captivating lyrics and put together you have a recipe for an album full of songs that stay with you.

Last of the Romantics has something that sets it apart from everything else that not just what Magic Eight Ball has done, but everyone. The legendary Rik Mayall, known for being the rude, crude, nose-picking arse in The Young Ones, is discernable as the first voice you hear, giving a colossal introduction to the album. He makes a couple more appearances including the very end, which I had to rewind to make sure I heard what I thought I’d heard. Ahhh good old Rik!

Each song has its own allure, the upbeat anthem “Come Get Your Kicks” (watch their video : to the melodic “Red Hair Wrapped Around Her Neck”. I knew after hearing their debut album, Sorry We’re Late… we were in for something special and we were not let down. As Magic Eight Ball’s audience grows, I hope their catalog does too. In the meantime, download your copy here:


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