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Press Release from Baz Francis of Magic Eight Ball

Making a record is always a unique experience unto itself, and also subject to external events overlapping and often interrupting the process. It is a well-established truth that nearly 4 years ago I met someone with whom I feel like I have flourished within my recorded work alongside, that man being Dave Draper. Once we finished making the ‘Sorry We’re Late But We’re Worth The Wait’ album I felt a variety of things, but most strongly that I could happily make another album with Dave straight after the first, and secondly, having got Donnie (Vie) to perform on our first album, there was no harm in asking other people whose work I cherish to feature on Album #2.So, back in January 2014 I began work on our sophomore album with Dave back at Tower Studios with the songs I already had in mind for it and with a bunch still to be written. Unlike ‘Sorry We’re Late…’, I wrote a fair chunk of this collection once the sessions had already begun, and that is why it’s actually quite poignant for me to listen to it at the moment, because it literally documents the last 2 years of my life from within that period that has just ended. Dave confirmed my judgement of him to be spot-on once again, and it is so terribly deserved that he should be fulfilling musical dreams elsewhere in his life right now with his beloved Hey You Guys and Kerbdog, amongst others.

Then there’s the part which most people will be interested in hearing: Rik. As I started this process at the beginning of the year, I sought after my huge comedic love to read my poetry on the album. Imagine my joy and surprise then when Rik Mayall’s agent agreed to this on his behalf. It turns out that our first album had made an impact with someone for whom I am so proud to have worked with, and now is finally the right time I feel to celebrate and share the wonderful gift of laughter he provided us with. Rik’s role here and the timing of him leaving us will no doubt make this album a curiosity for a lot of people, but this is no sombre affair, and any newcomer to us on this record will be introduced to 10 songs that I adore with all my being, three of which happen to feature the funniest human ever to have walked the Earth.

When it came to filming a first video for the album then, I wanted something that tied in with both the theme of the song in question plus also the overall area of inspiration for a great many of the songs here as well. For ‘Come Get Your Kicks’ then we addressed the subject of love from the angle of the punishment that often goes with the pursuit of the former, and with the song and S&M-tinged video for it we discussed how fake bravado and real pain both stem from something far more common than bondage: boredom. In order to emphasise this I wanted to put myself in a position of genuine discomfort, and we were blessed on the video shoot by the presence of fetish model and adult actress extraordinaire Miss Zara DuRose ( delivering the blows whilst Oly Edkins at Bravo Oscar Productions committed us to film once more. The video is a must-see for anyone who enjoys listening to our music or just seeing me getting hit around the face repeatedly:

If it wasn’t for the music underneath it all though our videos and outfits wouldn’t serve any real purpose to Magic Eight Ball, and so to Dave, Rik, and the music itself; I love all three of you and send my eternal thanks once more. Now it’s over to you all to enjoy and judge our work for yourselves.

A proud man and still an old romantic at heart, Baz Francis on behalf of the evergreen Magic Eight Ball.

Magic Eight Ball’s new album ‘Last Of The Old Romantics’ shall be available to purchase on 10th November 2014 through Magic Cat Records.

You can Pre-Order the CD version of the album right now at: purchase the track via SMS, text COMEGETYOURKICKS to 85888