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Lost & Saved

I never watched the show LOST when it was on TV but recently decided to on Netflix. I was watching this one episode where one of the characters, Charlie is playing the piano and singing a couple of lines from a song he wants to write with his brother and I got a flash of memory in my head from an interview I did over the phone several years ago for INCLINATION with Nik Frost and Ray Blanco from The Bangkok Five. They were putting out a covers album, which due to their song choices and unique way of playing is one of the best covers albums I’ve ever heard. They’d also just dropped a single called “Saved (Charlie’s Song)” based on the lines played on this show. Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

Nik: We’ve dropped two singles; we’ve dropped Saved, which isn’t really a cover. We’re huge fans of the show Lost and there’s a really cool episode when Charlie, one of the best-loved characters sings a song to his brother. They’re going through a bunch of stuff, heroin, drugs invading their lives, changing the communications between them, a lot of tension there, he sings the first couple of lines to his brother and that’s all you hear. It’s not even a verse; I think it’s a verse into a pre-chorus. And everybody was looking for that song, we were looking for that song, I think we found one version and it was terrible

Ray: Basically a girl sang it over and over, way slower. It sounded like a dog got ran over by a car.

Nik: So we were at the studio, Sandbox in Los Angeles, Hollywood and Ray played me this song and I was like “This sounds like you, dude” and he was like… cause you know Ray sings as well.. “No it’s this” and he was playing it on YouTube. So we sat down and wrote this song. We realized, it was amazing, it was quite transforming because the song and the character, I don’t know if you’re familiar with Lost and the character of Charlie but he’s a heroin addict, he’s a desperate wonton heroin addict and at the time of recording I was actually doing a lot of partying and probably one of the worst hangovers of my life while singing that song. So there’s a real cool clarity and reasoning behind that song and writing the song. It was very therapeutic and now hearing the song, I’ve changed my ways and cleaned up a little bit and obviously that has a lot to do with where are at today.

…and here’s the song!


Any fans of the show will really appreciate this!